WSA will work directly with you, your IT department and every individual teacher to help get your virtual teacher website set up.

Chat with Mr. Jordan


Virtual learning is difficult and lots of kids need to speak with their teacher as soon as they have issues with an assignment.  They want to do well but their teacher is not available many times with remote learning.  WSA takes this issue away with our chat box.  Even if the teacher isn't available, letting students know you will be right with them or to hold on is better than hearing nothing. 

To incorpate the CHAT BOX all you need to do is have Facebook messenger.  Link you messenger account to the chatbox and students have immediate access to their teacher.  Teachers can pick up their phone and respond or create a message telling the student, " I will be right there."  just like they would in the classroom.



Image by Dr. Terrence Underwood

Photo taken by:  Terrance Underwood

Use the slide below to display student's work.  Virtual learning is all about the interaction with students and this is a great way to do it. Enter photos the kids send to you or use the free photos offered through UNSPLASH on THE VIRTUAL TEACHER WEBSITE TEMPLATE.

Image by Jessica Lewis

Let's show off some GREAT Work

Here is a wonderful slide to display student's work.  If we cannot make a bulletin board in the hallway or in our classroom, this spot is a wonderful alternative