This page is designed to introduce students and their parents to you, their teacher!  You can insert a video or picture, talk to them about your in-person or remote classroom, rules and expectations, etc.  Everything is drag and drop and editable to make it personal for you.

Hello Everyone!


Create a cute welcome letter for your students and parents in this section! The page to your right is yours absoluely free and is also editable to make it personal for your class!  Your parents can download it and of course will think you are amazing!  The pictures on this website can be interchanged with your pictures and you can create links to anything that is internet accessible, as long as your school approves.  WSA makes is simple!  You can change everything on your site daily if you want.  Keep the apple below or add any elements you wish.

Meet the Tacher Template.png



Image by Drew Beamer

All of the buttons below can be created and linked with pictures, pdfs, videos, websites and even your google classroom documents and slides!  

Use this editable template to make your

MEET THE TEACHER flyer or create your own.  Make sure to link the PDF that parents can print it off.

Link to your email making it easy for everyone to get in contact with you.  Virtual learning is hard but it doesn't have to be.

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